This is NOT about a recipe…this post is about a snack.

My name is Adri and I have a problem.

This is what I will say when I find the True Delights Multigrain Fiber Crisps Quaker Oats support group with their 12-step program.

I can’t stop eating these things.

My fave are the blackberry pomegranate flavor, I just can’t stop eating them.  I mean, 3 days ago, I bought 3 bags…and today, I have no bags left.  I’m gonna say it’s a pack a day habit. Now I have to return to my dealer, Target to get another hit/bag.  The ingredients list doesn’t say “contains crack” but I feel like the little Quaker guy might be lying.

Happy snacking.  Did I mention they are perfect beach food?  Snack on.

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