LEP’s Magic Lemonade

Upon request of my rad hair lady I’m posting this recipe which is a Diva beach staple.  Do not try to serve it in a Solo cup at the beach, break out a real cup and keep the Rangers at bay. When they see a Solo cup they know you have booze.  I first tasted this lemonade when LEP hosted a delicious dinner party, everyone raved about it.  It takes a little effort, so I usually double up on the simple syrup recipe and then freeze half of it until the next weekend when I want to take these back to the beach.  Warning:  this is a delicious and sneaky drink.  Paper, rock, scissors BEFORE you begin drinking these for who will lay off the MAGIC and drive your group home.  Do not underestimate this MAGIC in the sun.

First create the MAGIC base for the lemonade, ginger simple syrup:

  • 3 c of water boiled w/ 1 cup of sugar (use more if you want, typically we drink it sour but we are not nice girls.  if you are a nice girl consider 2-3 c sugar here)
  • 2-3 inches of sliced ginger (use more if you like it particularly snappy)
  • Add a stalk of pounded lemongrass (if you are feeling sassy)
  • Once sugar is dissolved, cover and let steep at least an hour-this is VERY important.
  • Chill the syrup.

To assemble the lemonade, add to a pitcher or thermos:

  • Magic simple syrup
  • 1 cup of lemon juice, fresh squeezed please (i’ve used lime in a pinch too)
  • 1.5 cups vodka or gin (i’m a vodka girl, i don’t like the taste of pine trees, thanks)
  • club soda or sparking water (use a 2 liter for this amount of base)

Pour over ice cubes and let the Magic set in.

5 responses to “LEP’s Magic Lemonade

  1. I can taste it now….thanks peaches! :*


  2. Do you use all of the simple syrup in one batch?


  3. Hey, If I was gonna make this sans alcohol would I add more water or more soda or just omit the booze?


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