It’s you, NOT me

Dear WordPress,
I love your free application. It is easy to use. Well organized. Makes me look like a rockstar blogger. I’m gonna stop right there.

What I do not love or even marginally like however, is how you incorporate changes. Unannounced, profound changes. Who do you think you are? Trying to make my creative decisions for me? Hell, it’s hard enough for me to BE creative, but when I finally, FINALLY after spending hours deliberating about what assumptions my readers will make about my blog layout, YOU decide for ME to make changes?? You do not email me, or call, just make the choice for me. A choice that you “think I will like”? You don’t even know me! It took me weeks to decide what my ‘voice’ would be when I created this blog. I obsess about every post I make reading them over and over in my head, and well, nevermind….I’m pissed off that I have been pissed on. What is actually more infuriating is that after an entire online shit storm of people like me complaining and losing stuff, and it reappearing….then YOU CHANGE IT ALL BACK a week later. Change it all back? Change it all back AND call it customer service?? Are you kidding me? You know what all of the bloggers with that theme you disabled, I mean “improved” did after you “improved” it? We worked our asses off to put back, recreate, substitute and bandaid, rewrite, your changes, and then…then, you have the audacity to CHANGE IT BACK??!!!! Are you fucking crazy? I don’t have to describe this to you. You don’t deserve an explanation any further. This is all you get from me. You are not worth my energy.

It’s YOU WordPress, NOT me, it IS YOU. You know what you did. You might say that you are sorry, but your actions show me that you have complete disregard for me as a blogger. The only thing marginally working in your favor is all the GD work I’ve already put into this blog of mine, and the fact that my BF is wildly in love with your service. With this in mind, I will be evaluating our relationship to see if it is worth saving. I probably won’t email you though to tell you though, I will just make you guess on the changes that I “think you will like”, reformulate the parameters blindly, and make you worry about that which you cannot control. Sound familiar? I thought so.

The Veg Bon Vivant

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