Happy Veguary!


Veg•u•ary (noun): Veguary refers to the second month of the year, in which those enthusiastic about fighting global warming, improving their health, or making a positive difference in the world commit to reducing or eliminating their meat intake.

Veguary, conceived in September 2009, is a student-run organization that encourages people to pledge to either eat no meat or less meat during the month of February (Vegetarian + February = Veguary).  We give people the power to confront several prevalent problems in our world.

By participating you can:

  • help in the effort to slow greenhouse gas emissions made by meat producers by raising awareness of the correlation between meat production and the environment.

  • take a stand against the unhealthy diets and habits of millions of Americans and against the title: “The Obese Country.”
  • take a stand against the inhumane treatment of animals by industrial meat producers.

Click on the BIG Veguary above to be whisked away to the site for a true education 🙂

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