Garden Goodies & Ball Park Food

So I was a little concerned today.  I wasn’t sure I would have much to write about as for dinner last night we had delish, but leftover, carrot soup from a few weeks ago, and some super doughy bread from Le Brea (cracked whole wheat).  Nothing that I actually had to homemake, just reheat.  I say I WAS concerned, because when I went out to the garden and raspberry bushes today, I struck GOLD!!!

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Going to wash, dry and store the basil in the fridge until I get a few more of those sweet yellow pear heirloom tomatoes in the photo, and then make up a delish and low-cal veg pasta dish.  The cucumbers I dress with some basil rice wine vinegar and then top with some thyme from my herb garden and a little fat free feta, that’s a nice lunch.  The raspberries I have been gloating about usually go on cereal, if they make it that far….  Finally the peppers.  I’m saving those up in a cool, dry place to make my famous jam.  Yeah, it sounds gross, but it’s amazing on a cracker in the dead of winter when you need a taste of summer.

Tonight Mr. Wonderful and I are heading East to the Detroit Tiger’s Baseball game at Comerica Park, which has recently been named by PETA as one of the Top 10 Veg Friendly Ballparks.  Last time I was there I remember the only veg thing available besides the typical cop-out veggie burger, was nachos in a Mexican sombrero with cheese, peppers, and onions.  I mean who doesn’t love pump cheese and pickled jalapenos?  I will be sure to report back.

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