Comerica Delivers Veg Food & Tigers Deliver a Win

I’ve been delinquent in posting my follow-up to the ballpark food observation that was done at Comerica Park at the Tigers v. Twins pitching duel which was supposed to be spectacular but resulted in Tiger’s batters dominating Liriano  so much so he was pulled in the 2nd inning.  Tigers won, fireworks were great, food after was great…food at the ballpark was better than expected.

Where to find veg eats in Comerica Park:  two areas of interest-1) the lonely yet delicious looking island around gate 132 serving a hummus and veg plate, fresh fruit bowl, rice and beans, a veg dog, french fries, etc and 2) the beer garden grille located just outside of the gate to the ferris wheel, where I found John Keating delivering his pre-game report.  The beer garden area serves, watermelon, grilled corn with a variety of toppings (cheese, paprika, garlic, butter), fries, and what look to be a homemade black bean burger (it didn’t appear commercially uniform/pressed).

Happier than I expected to be and managed to avoid the nachos with pump cheese, well, this week anyway…I’m going back next Friday, and might fall into the clutches of the pickled jalapeno and pump cheese combo on delicious corn chips.

Here are all the pics of the game, including fabu black bean burger.

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