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Wanted: Pretty Girls To Sit At The Bar

My girlfriend Randi has been dying to take me to this vegan restaurant in Chicago. It NEVER works out that we get to go when I’m there for anything and so my friend Amy and I took a trip to Chicago to eat, drink and be merry with Randi while her hubby was out of town. Best meal I’ve had in forever. You should certainly go out of the way to visit Karyn’s on Green in Greektown for a few reasons, 1) the waitstaff doesn’t tell you what you want to hear, they make you go out on that limb where the best fruit lies and pick it (the raw Maki roll is proof), 2)  Karyn greets you at the door and calls you pretty even when you don’t feel pretty, 3)  there is POPCORN to nosh on when you are waiting for your table drinking $12 expensive as all hell cocktails that an incompetent waiter is creating (you really do have your fingers crossed), 4) the bathroom blasts crunk, 5)  they take and adhere to reservations, 6) the food is amazing, 7) they have $7.00 valet parking so you can wear your fancy shoes that you actually can’t walk a city block in, to dine here.

I was basically in a food orgy, so these are the only two pics we could get on Randi’s sweet new phone.