Happy New Year

This post doesn’t include a recipe.  Just wishes, hopes and challenges.

First, I wish all of you a healthy and happy new year.  Healthier for me began when I gave up meat many moons ago.  Now my biggest problem is eating too much delish vegetarian and vegan foods-portion control Adrienne!  I challenge you to inspire your friends to opt for two meatless days per week (if you/they aren’t already meatless).  Do it for your health, the animals, and the environment.

Secondly, I fall under the category of vegetarian, so I’m looking to cook and eat more under the vegan category in 2012.  For me this will mean increased planning for the weekly menu and reading the labels of convenience foods more completely.  If you are already vegetarian, strive for two days a week as a vegan, see how it goes.  I’d love to hear from you about your successes, challenges and failures.

I’ll keep posting weekly recipes from books and sites around the Interwebs.  If you have  fave blog or book, tell me about it.  I am always in search of new eats.  You can catch my recipe and other rantings on The Mode Life if you so desire.  I don’t always blog about food believe it or not!

Happy New Year friends.  Thanks for supporting my little hobby here at vegbonvivant.com.

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