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Flaming Amy’s Burritos

File this place under “why the hell didn’t I think of a burrito barn?”

First of all, yes, this is a real place.  Flaming Amy’s Burrito Barn is a little slice of cool, in one of the hottest (for real it was like 100 degrees out when we went there-see my Dryfit shirt and horrible hair?!) cities in NC-Wilmington.  It has a cult vibe, bumper stickers, southern hipsters, mullet-wearers, bikers, babies and dogs are all welcome.  Yeah, even babies.  🙂

Secondly, add this to the list of retail institutions that Grand Rapids doesn’t have, but desperately needs along side Trader Joe’s, Whole Foods and Ikea.

Last, the homemade salsas are amazing…if you get a chance, do a shot of the pineapple-jalapeno, it will change your life.

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